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NAGARA and IIMC Release Records Management Technical Bulletin Series
NAGARA and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) recently released a series of archives and records administration bulletins with support from a grant from NHPRC to the Municipal Clerks Education Foundation (MCEF), a non-profit partner of IIMC whose mission is to train municipal clerks to make them more proficient in providing the services needed in their communities.  The target audience for these bulletins is local and county government officials who have had little education or experience in managing their communities' records and who have limited resources available to obtain that training.  A number of these titles are revisions and updates of titles that were included in the 1995 - 2000 records management bulletin series published by NAGARA and IIMC, also with the support of a grant from NHPRC.  Several new titles have been added to the series in support of changing technologies.

NAGARA and IIMC support the expansion of our series catalogue.  If there is a subject you would like to see addressed in a future RM bulletin, or if you have an interest in contributing to this series as an author on a subject that you are interested in and knowledgeable about, please contact us at

Archives for Local Governments 
Considerations for Content Management Systems
Daily Management of Records and Information
Developing a Records Storage System 
Email Management 
Establishing Records Retention 
Funding Your Records Management Project 
Identifying and Locating Your Records 
Making Your Records Management Program Successful 
Managing Electronic Records 
Managing Records with Limited Resources 
Protecting Vital Records 
Selection and Development of Local Government Records Storage Facilities 
Starting a Records Management Program 
Using and Storing Microfilm 


 NAGARA Policy on Participation by Vendors and Consultants 


Join other US Government Archivists and Records Administrators on LinkedIn
NAGARA has created a NAGARA Group on LinkedIn for archivists and records managers working in all levels of government to exchange information and network with one another.  As participation grows and becomes more active, we can create distinct forums.  If you are already a LinkedIn member, search for NAGARA in Groups, and request to join.  If you are not a member, consider joining -- go to  LinkedIn is a professional social networking site which allows you considerable control over how and to whom you disclose your personal and professional information.  It allows creating and participating in professional interest groups, among other functions, which can provide forums for discussions and group news.   Currently, membership in the Group is limited to: 1) employees of member organizations of NAGARA; 2) employees of other federal, state, local and tribal governments that are qualified to be members; 3) other persons (whether employed in government or not) who are active individual members of NAGARA; 4) students in relevant higher education programs; and 5) persons with a work history in government archives/RM.  For persons asking to join from a non-government email address, the Group Owner will try to confirm eligibility by checking his/her LinkedIn profile.

Congratulations to recipients of the Local Government Archives and Records Administration Certificate:


Melissa Buman, Records Management/Administrative Services Supervisor, Outagamie County, WI
Terri Coe, Records Bureau Supervisor, Newark Police Department, OH
Bryan Dickerson, Archivist - Office of Township Clerk, Township of Brick, NJ
Stephen M. French, CMC, Clerk of Council, City of Moraine, OH
Janet LeBlanc, Records Administrator, City of Goodyear, AZ
Nelda Rodriguez, Records Management Specialist, Webb County Records Management Center, TX 

Sara Cerda, Bandera County, TX
April Pendergrass, MSDGC Document Control, Cincinnati, OH
Lisa Johnston, City of Artesia, NM

Ginger Choate, Records Management Coordinator, Flower Mound, TX
Frank C. Coleman, Jr., Records Liaison/FOIA/PA Officer, FEMA, Biloxi, MS
Grace Davenport, Records Lead, Chugach Alaska Corporation, Anchorage, AK
Beth A. Hedberg, CMC, City Clerk, Edgewater, CO
Jacqueline Laurent, Records Management Coordinator, Mount Pleasant (SC) Waterworks

Program information and application.

For further information about the LGARA Certificate program, kindly direct inquiries to

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